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News Section Icon Published 25/07/2023

The EU ban on caged farming is still on track despite the organised political attack on the European Green Deal, according to media reports. Compassion in World Farming calls on the European Commission to continue to resist pressure by vested interests and swiftly adopt an ambitious draft of the animal welfare laws to give animals a life worth living. 

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The legislative process

The European Commission’s Regulatory Scrutiny Board, which vets reports on the impact of new laws and policies, has given the green light on the draft animal welfare laws. The draft will now be discussed internally in the European Commission and is scheduled to be published in the coming months. 

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End the Cage Age!

The ban on cages for farmed animals is the focus of the new animal welfare laws. The European Commission committed to end caged farming two years ago in response to the successful ‘End the Cage Age’ European Citizens’ Initiative. ‘End the Cage Age’ was supported by 1.4 million Europeans and coordinated by Compassion in World Farming. It is the only Initiative to have won a firm commitment in response to its demands since this democratic instrument was introduced 12 years ago. 

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The gloves are off

“Over the past months we have witnessed a co-ordinated attack on the European Green Deal, of which the draft animal welfare laws are part of, " said Olga Kikou, Head of Compassion in World Farming EU.

"The factory farming lobby has taken the gloves off, treating us like a high-school bully. Together with their political allies, they managed to massacre many files in the European Green Deal, so we are pleased that the draft animal welfare laws are still standing," she continued.

"We don’t expect many politicians will risk their reputation to contest the need to give animals a life worth living. The Parliament has shown clear support of the issue, having voted in a resolution with an overwhelming majority in favour of an end to caged farming – with 558 deputies who voted in favour, to only 37 against," she stated.

"Vested interests will definitely keep wreaking havoc, causing further delays in an effort to kill the file, and we won’t rest but will continue to keep a close eye on the process. We urge the Commission to stay strong and push back on the pressure by the factory farming lobby to delay its proposal," Olga concluded.

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