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We campaign in the EU for an end to the use of caged systems, which are inherently cruel, as well as for reducing the production of animal products and promoting plant-rich diets. We are calling for higher fish welfare standards, an end to long-distance transport of live animals and to their export outside the EU, and a binding UN Agreement to replace factory farming with a regenerative food system.

End The Cage Age


Each year over 300 million farm animals in the EU are kept in cages for all or much of their lives. There is a great deal of scientific evidence that animals suffer in such confinement as they are prevented from performing natural behaviours — and in some cases from even turning around, flapping their wings or lying stretched out.

Such treatment is not only inhumane but also unnecessary, as cage-free systems are both viable and already in use.

We campaign in support of the European Citizens' Initiative to 'End the Cage Age' which was signed by 1.4 million citizens and promoted by over 170 organisations. It calls on the EU to phase out the cruel use of cages in EU animal farming. The response of the European Commission is expected via a Communication in the first half of 2021. #EndTheCageAge

Less Meat, More Plants


Animal agriculture is a major cause of climate change and biodiversity loss, so action is needed to reduce its environmental footprint. Over-consumption of animal products is linked to numerous diseases, including obesity, heart disease and some kinds of cancer.

To sustain this excessive consumption, huge numbers of animals are farmed. Due to land restrictions or market pressures, they are most-often kept in crowded, stressful conditions. Such conditions are a perfect breeding ground for diseases, which could also trigger the next pandemic.

In its ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy, the EU Commission recognises that our ‘food consumption patterns are unsustainable’, and that the EU average ‘consumption of whole-grain cereals, fruit and vegetables, legumes and nuts is insufficient.’ We thus call on the EU to put words into action and adopt laws and policies to reduce the production of animal products and encourage greater use of plant-based foods, which would also help us lead healthier lives.

UN Agreement

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Global issues related to poverty, food security, health, climate change, the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare require a global solution. That is why we campaign for a binding UN agreement to replace factory farming with so-called ‘regenerative’ agriculture and other agroecological approaches.

The UN Food Systems Summit in September 2021 offers an opportunity for progress on this.  A global transition to regenerative agriculture needs to be accompanied by a halt to the establishment of new industrial animal agriculture farms or crop farms and a reduction in meat consumption in order to meet the targets of the Paris climate agreement.

Stop Live Transport

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Each year, millions of farm animals around the world are transported hundreds or even thousands of miles for slaughter or further fattening. We campaign to reduce the maximum journey time within the EU and for proper enforcement of EU journey time legislation by national authorities.

We also call for an end to live animal exports from the EU to non-EU countries, which can often involve long and gruelling journeys in harsh weather conditions to destinations with few if any protections for animals. #StopLiveTransport

Rethink Fish

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Fish are sentient animals capable of suffering. They can feel pain, fear and stress. Yet at the moment their welfare is barely protected.

Fish farms — underwater factory farms — severely restrict the natural behaviours of fish because they are typically overcrowded. In overcrowded conditions fish are more susceptible to disease and suffer more stress, aggression and physical injuries.

In addition to annual EU catches of between 58 and 91 billion wild fish, we estimate that over half a billion fish are slaughtered on EU fish farms every year. We campaign to improve the living conditions in aquaculture and end the most cruel slaughter methods in the EU. #RethinkFish


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