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We campaign for an end to the use of cruel caged systems, as well as for reducing our consumption of animal products, promoting alternatives and increasing consumption of plant-based foods. We are calling for higher fish welfare standards, an end to long distance live animal transport and the exports of live animals outside the EU, and a binding UN Agreement to replace factory farming with a regenerative food system.

End The Cage Age

Hundreds of millions of EU farm animals are kept in cages for most of their lives, causing great suffering. We embarked on a European Citizens' Initiative to End the Cage Age. Over 1.6 million EU citizens and over 170 organisations have taken a stand against cruel cage systems. #EndTheCageAge

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Less Meat, More Plants

Animal agriculture is a major cause of climate change and biodiversity loss, so we need better policies to help us have a smaller environmental footprint. Over-consumption of animal products is linked to numerous diseases, so such policies would also help us lead healthier lives.

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UN Agreement

Global issues related to poverty, food security, health, climate change, the environment, biodiversity, and animal welfare require a global solution. That is why we campaign for a binding UN Agreement to replace factory farming with a regenerative food system.

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Stop Live Transport

Each year, millions of farm animals around the world are transported thousands of miles for slaughter and further fattening. We campaign to reduce the maximum journey time across the EU and to end live exports from the EU to non-EU countries. #StopLiveTransport

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Rethink Fish

Fish are sentient animals capable of suffering. They can feel pain, fear, and stress. Yet at the moment their welfare is barely protected. Up to 1.7 billion fish are slaughtered on EU fish farms every year. We campaign to improve the living conditions in aquaculture and end the most cruel slaughter methods in the EU. #RethinkFish

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